Clemence Castel joins "Fort Boyard"

Emblematic adventurer of Koh Lanta, game that she won in 2005 and in 2018, Clémence Castel is preparing to become one of the leading figures in another cult PAF show. The magazine Entertainment TV announced that the 37-year-old will play one of the new characters of Fort Boyardnamely a mysterious warrior that the candidates will have to face over five tests.

His identity, however, will be kept secret. Each time the candidates win a duel between them and her, they will get a clue. If at the end of the event, by putting together all the pieces of the puzzle, the personalities manage to recognize Clémence Castel behind her costume, they will win additional Boyars for the association for which they have agreed to participate in the show.

A new television experience for Clémence Castel who had already appeared in the series Sous le soleil in 2007 and was a candidate for the Great Reality TV Contest or even of District Z, program produced by Arthur and presented by Denis Brogniart. In 2006, she also participated in Fort Boyard but on the side of the candidates who came to collect funds for the France Choroideremia association.

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