Close everything: Benedetto's scissor goal for Boca's 2-0 vs.  Barracks for League Cup [VIDEO]

A great goal of anthology, that is the adjective that is perfect for the goal that meant the 2-0 in favor of Boca Juniors versus Central Barracks. Dario Benedictwho had already scored 1-0 in the first half, launched himself into the air to give us a beautiful pair of scissors and increase the lead for ‘Xeneize’ in the match on date 13 of the Argentine Professional League Cup.

Those led by Sebastián Battaglia have been vastly superior throughout the development of the commitment, but to take it to the scoreboard they needed the magic of their scorer. The ‘Pipa’ will frame this great goal and will always remember it. The visitors’ goalkeeper couldn’t do anything and just watched as his goal was breached.

With the 2-0 in favor, the “Blue and Gold” begin to breathe easily and, after the defeat in the Copa Libertadores against Corinthians, this partial victory could serve to wash their faces and arrive toned to the duel for the continental tournament in the middle of the week.

Boca Juniors vs. Central Barracks: what’s to come

After this match for the thirty-third day of the Argentine Professional League Cup, Boca Juniors will visit the El Alto Municipal Stadium on Thursday, May 4, to face Always Ready for the fourth day of the Copa Libertadores.

Currently, those led by Sebastián Battaglia are last in their group, a situation that forces them to do the impossible to take the three points of Bolivian territory. The performance of the team says that any objective looks difficult, but if they do not achieve it, they may be one step away from being eliminated from the tournament.

Barracas Central, for its part, will receive Godoy Cruz on May 8 for date 14 of the Argentine local tournament. ‘Guapo’ still has a chance of qualifying for the next round of the championship, so they will go with everything they have to face ‘Tomba’

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