Coasters simply unplayable after the break against Mons

The people of Ostend rolled out after a good 26 minutes from Mons.

David Nichols had announced it at the end of Game 2: Mons was going to need its supporters to push them to victory and prevent this confrontation against the Côtiers from being the last at the Diamonte. Arena on behalf of the Belgian playoffs. And the Foxes supporters did their part of the job by giving voice to their colors for 40 minutes.

And on the floor, this time, the Mons will have held the shock for a good 26 minutes, unlike the first match where they had been overwhelmed from the start. To thwart Dario Gjergja’s plans, Vedran Bosnic had decided to put Penava in the five in place of the Dutchman Nzekwesi. A more or less profitable choice. If the racket was closed, the Coasters fired the perimeter.


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