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Martin Rodriguez and César Pinares descended with the Altay Sport from Turkey. But not only that: they both owe them an amount of money that they can use in their favor to break their contracts. Gustavo Quinteros a while ago he wants the former Huachipato in colo colo one more time.

Martín Rodríguez did not have the pace he expected for Turkey.  Will he return to Colo Colo?
© Getty ImagesMartín Rodríguez did not have the pace he expected for Turkey. Will he return to Colo Colo?

It was a matter of time and it happened: the Altay Spor, Martin Rodriguez Y Cesar Pinares, descended in Turkey, confirming a meager sporting present for the institution. And, for the same reason, the left-hander is already looking for ways to return to the Catholic University, a similar path that the former Huachipato could take back to colo colo to fulfill one of the great desires of Gustavo QuinterosDT del Cacique, who got bored of asking for it in all the tones but it became impossible due to his contractual situation.

The story begins when, after saving colo colo of the descent, Quinteros brought to Martin Rodriguez back to the Monumental from the Mazatlan of Mexico. However, in order to close the deal, black and white He had to accept a very low exit clause in case he was given an option from Europe. This happened after a semester and the skilled footballer went to Turkey, which provoked the wrath of the coach who accused after a game that there was “a bad contract”.

come 2022, Quinteros asked again to Rodriguez with name and surname. But his contract until June 2023 at Altay made it impossible. What changed now? Not only the sporting situation, but, as reported by DaleAlbo, the native of Diego de Almagro is owed money and his representatives initiated the corresponding actions before FIFA. Breaking out of the contract at no cost to the player can be a fix. César Pinares, in fact, is going the same way.

In colo coloespecially QuinterosThey are attentive to the play. Yes Martin Rodriguez he gets out of his contract with the Tall and, the DT will go all out for him for the winter reinforcement window. Will your third return to Pedrero take place?

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