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For the first time in its 33 years, Colo Colo completely removed the grass from the David Arellano field of the Monumental stadium and in 2023 it will play on a new grass that requires arduous and technological work budgeted until February.

Colo Colo takes out the grass: historic change of grass on the David Arellano field.
© Colo ColoColo Colo takes out the grass: historic change of grass on the David Arellano field.

Colo Colo made a historic announcement and for the first time in 33 years changes the grass on the David Arellano pitch at the Monumental stadium in a process that began this past Monday with an end date for early February.

Although there was concern about the state of the grass and how several recitals in La Ruca would end up scheduled, El Cacique has already completely removed the grass that recently cemented the matches of Chilean soccer champion Colo Colo with the 33rd star under his arm.

This is how the new Monumental grass will be installed

Among the technical details of the removal and planting of the new grass, Colo Colo explains that the work began “with the extraction of all the existing natural grass on the pitch with the COMBINATOR machine. The plant material and a layer of soil approximately 2 cm thick have already been extracted.

Subsequently, “the soil will be prepared, using equipment called BLECavator, with which a layer of approximately 10 cm of soil will be broken in order to loosen and loosen the surface.”

Once these tasks and the corresponding leveling have been completed, the work will focus on building a “herringbone type” drainage system with ditches separated by 10 meters each.

“Once the drainage ditches are covered, the second stage of soil preparation will proceed, which will consist of mixing 10 cm of existing soil with another 10 cm of sand, approximately, until a load-bearing layer of prepared and improved soil is achieved, which must be be mixed homogeneously in situ and later leveled according to the design determined for this soccer field”, they added.

Then there will be a final leveling job with the help of laser equipment and then “we will proceed to install the grass from a nursery located in the Metropolitan Region, whose chosen format is the Big Roll, which consists of giant rolls of up to 22 m in diameter. long by 0.8 m wide.

Once the grass rolls have been installed, the process contemplates maintenance and improvement of the vegetation cover of the playing field, the last stage before it is ready to host the Colo Colo matches again.

“A historic milestone for our institution and for a field that after three decades will change forever,” they said from the Cacique.

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