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Colo Colo was unable to translate his overwhelming superiority into goals and was left with a defeat-flavored draw in his visit to Alianza Lima, a result that puts the fight for qualification in the Copa Libertadores round of 16 on hold.

Leonardo Gil was the main offensive component of a Colo Colo that swept the statistics, but could not graph it in goals against Alianza Lima
© colo coloLeonardo Gil was the main offensive component of a Colo Colo that swept the statistics, but could not graph it in goals against Alianza Lima

Colo Colo had a presentation rarely seen in a Chilean team acting as a visitor for the Copa Libertadores, or any international instance. The Creole runner-up tied 1-1 with Alianza Lima in Peru, with the regret of not having translated into goals the enormous superiority that was manifested on the field of the National Stadium in Lima and in the statistics.

The meeting of the fourth date of Group F seemed to show only one team on the field of play. In addition to the fact that the local matched the actions at the end of the second half, the popular team prevailed in all sectors and particularly in the areas, as reflected in the statistical balance of Opta.

The most revealing number is that of shots, where Colo Colo “thrashed” Alianza by 22 to 6. That is, the Cacique shot once every four minutes in the Peruvian capital. However, accuracy was not the strong point, as only 22.7 of the shots found the gate. Juan Martín Lucero, by himself, shot more than all of Alianza as a whole: seven shots, although only one (the one for the goal) on goal.

Another interesting detail that frames the white domain is that nine different Cacique players tried the goal. Lucero prevails, but Esteban Pavez (four shots), Maximiliano Falcón and Leonardo Gil (three), Gabriel Suazo, Gabriel Costa, Pablo Solari, César Fuentes and Cristián Zavala (one) appear further back.

Just as Lucero stands out in auctions, Leonardo Gil’s in gestation was very prominent. Colorado generated eight of the 18 goal chances recorded by Colo Colo in Lima and was the one that had the most ball on the pitch, with 75 total touches. Another detail? Brayan Cortés and his defense combined 202 passes, while from mid to forward they added 293.

Thus, possession of the ball was another item where Colo Colo prevails with great authority and a possession percentage of 57.9 percent, product of 495 passes against 363 by Alianza Lima. Gustavo Quinteros’ team has more precision in touches -74.5% against 65.6% effectiveness- and particularly in the rival field: 67 against 50 percent.

But as the popular adage goes, in football you win with goals. And Alianza was less in all lines, but matched in front of the goal, to get an excessive prize in relation to everything he had to suffer. Lessons that Gustavo Quinteros surely has in mind, with a view to defining the group and qualifying for the round of 16.

Colo Colo returns to Santiago after his Peruvian journey and this Monday he will visit Curicó Unido for a new day of the National Championship. Then appear on the calendar Coquimbo at home (May 14), River in Argentina (19), O’Higgins visiting (22) and close the semester as host of Fortaleza (25).

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