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Colo Colo has a hard time with injuries prior to the duel with Coquimbo Unido. Maximiliano Falcón will be absent due to medical problems, leaving him on the edge thinking about River Plate and the Copa Libertadores.

Maxi Falcón will not be present against Coquimbo Unido
© Agency OneMaxi Falcón will not be present against Coquimbo Unido

colo colo He does not want to give up ground in the fight for the leadership of the National Championship and this Saturday he has a vital match. El Cacique receives Coquimbo Unido on the return of Esteban Paredes to the Monumental stadiumwith the obligation to add three to stay at the top of the standings.

But the previous meeting has been full of news that shake the campus. To the interest of the Chilean team in taking Gustavo Quinteros Injuries are added, which threaten just before the Copa Libertadores.

This Thursday it was learned that Maximilian Falcon was ruled out for the clash with Coquimbo Unido. the wig, who had already suffered with the yellow card suspension against O’Higgins on the following dateyou will not be able to be present due to medical problems.

The Uruguayan defender was ruled out on this day and added a tremendous headache for Gustavo Quinteros. This is due to the fact that his presence against River Plate remains in doubt and will depend on how it evolves in the coming days to find out more details.

Like little, Emiliano Amor does not come 100 percent due to pain in his ankle and will have to take over in the absence of Maximiliano Falcón. With this, in Colo Colo they pray for him to endure and not be complicated thinking about the trip to Argentina.

What will happen to the defense of Colo Colo if Maximiliano Falcón is not there?

Given the physical problems of Maximiliano Falcón and the inconveniences of Emiliano Amor, in Colo Colo they are alert thinking about the next challenges. The National Championship and the closing of the Copa Libertadores group stage appear on the horizon in the coming weeks, so they must find quick solutions.

In defense things seem to be clearer. In the event that one of the two cannot be present, for Gustavo Quinteros the first replacement is Matias Zaldivia. However, with the two complicated, he could give the youths a run.

It will be up to the coach now to define how it will come out against Coquimbo Unido. Emiliano Amor is expected to be just right, but if he decides to give him rest and recovery, it would not be strange to see César Fuentes as a central defender or the appearance of players like Bruno Gutiérrez.

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