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Carrascal refused to suspend the contract with CSKA

Jorge Carrascal, who signed a full-fledged contract with CSKA in May, said that he was “extremely happy” in Moscow and did not intend to “leave and hide”

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Jorge Carrascal

(Photo: PFC CSKA (Moscow) official website)

CSKA Colombian midfielder Jorge Carrascal declared “Match TV” that is not going to leave the Moscow club after FIFA’s permission to freeze contracts for a year.

“I will not take this opportunity. I have a long contract with CSKA. I am very glad to play in this team, I am satisfied and happy with everything. Now my life is connected with this club. I am not going to change anything and I do not plan to leave somewhere. Are my family worried about this whole situation? Parents always worry about their children. I have been living away from home since the age of 15 and I am used to being responsible for my decisions,” said Carrascal.

According to him, CSKA “made it clear that if something out of the ordinary happens,” the club will support the players and even “help with the departure to a safe place.”

“Why go somewhere or hide? I do not understand. I am extremely happy here,” added 24-year-old Carrascal.

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FIFA announced on June 21 that foreign players and coaches could extend the suspension of contracts with Russian clubs until June 2023. The Russian Football Union (RFU) disagreed with this decision and stated that it should not apply to contracts concluded after February 24.

In February, Carrascal moved to CSKA on loan from the Argentine River Plate, and in May he signed a full-fledged contract with the army team until 2026.

Last season, the Colombian played 13 matches for CSKA and scored one goal.

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