Alianza Lima sent a statement regarding the duel with Binacional.

On date 17 of the Opening Tournament, Alianza Lima will visit Binacional, with the obligation to win to continue fighting for first place. However, the “Blue and Whites” have shown discomfort with the Professional Football League (LFP), due to problems with transportation to get to Juliaca, the city where the match will take place.

Given the inconvenience caused by the closure of the airport in the city of Puno, the La Victoria club sent a forceful statement. Through the document, the institution “expresses its discomfort at a new lack of planning by the LFP, organizer of League 1, which will force the team to travel almost 12 hours to play the match”.

In the same way, from Alianza Lima they consider that “the travel itinerary does not correspond to a professional championship”, given that the authorities of the Peruvian tournament did not take into account that the Inca Manco Cápac airport in Juliaca (closed since May 22) did not start operating from June 15, as planned, but will only do so from day 20

The campus will have to fly this Saturday first thing in the morning to Arequipa and then take a bus to Juliaca, where it will arrive almost at night. Players will miss a full day of training and their preparation for the match will be affected”, adds the statement.

In the same way, Alianza affirmed that “scheduling a match at the Guillermo Briceño Stadium in Juliaca is irresponsible on the part of the League itself, which day after day violates the rules of the tournament”. The “Blanquiazules” argue that the regulations indicate that the sports venue must be located at a maximum distance of 150 kilometers from the airport, a rule that has not been met with the Binational stage in the eight home games it has already played. Although the rule can be broken in an exceptional way, in La Victoria they highlight that it has become “a permanent breach of the bases”.

Finally, “despite not agreeing with the conditions of the League for the transfer of the delegation to Juliaca”, Alianza Lima confirmed that it will play this Sunday against the ‘Powerful of the South’, “confirming their respect for the rules that govern our football”. At the same time, the club reported that “will continue to raise its voice in the face of the irregularities and nonsense that, unfortunately, continue to affect the development of our football and prevent us from growing as we all want”.

Alianza Lima sent a statement regarding the duel with Binacional.

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