Who will be world champion in 2022?
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Of: Alexander Kaidl

In five months, the 2022 World Cup will begin in Qatar. A computer has calculated which teams have the best chance of winning the title.

Munich – The countdown is on! the World Cup 2022 is getting closer, on November 21st the controversial tournament in Qatar begins. The final participants have now also been determined: Wales, Australia and Costa Rica bought the remaining tickets for the World Cup in the playoffs.

Germany has to deal with Spain, Japan and Costa Rica in Group E, the first game is played by the national coach’s team Hansi Flick then on November 23 against Japan. In addition to Spain, the DFB-Elf is considered a big favorite in the group. A supercomputer calculated that black, red and gold will probably not win the title.

World Cup 2022: Computer calculates the most likely world champion

Much more likely: France becomes world champion! The computer from theanalyst.com calculated the entire World Cup 1000 times, simulated all possible paths and games 1000 times. Data such as market values, player strength, current form and world rankings were taken into account. The result: France will be the champion again with a probability of 17.93 percent – the title from 2018 would be defended. Les Bleus narrowly beat Brazil, the Selecao have a probability of 15.73 percent.

Why is France more likely to win the World Cup? That’s loud theanalyst.com mainly on the possible opponents in the knockout games. In the worst case, Brazil’s path would be a round of 16 against Portugal or Uruguay, a quarter-final against Germany or Spain and a semi-final against Netherlands or Argentina. France would have an easier way on paper: Mexico or Poland would be possible in the round of 16, then England or Senegal could wait before Spain or Portugal could finally be considered in the semi-finals.

Who will be world champion in 2022? © YAY Images / Imago

Germany at the 2022 World Cup: According to the computer, the probability of a title is only 7.21 percent

and Germany? The sad truth: the computer hardly gives the Flick-Elf a chance. The probability of a world title is therefore only 7.21 percent, which is only seventh place in the ranking!

No wonder if you look at the possible German opponents in the course of the tournament. A round of 16 against Croatia or Belgium, a quarterfinal against Brazil or Portugal and a semifinal against England, France, Argentina or the Netherlands. Wow! Everything has to go according to plan for “The Team”.

World Cup 2022: Who will be world champion? Computer calculates probabilities

  • 1. France – 17.93 percent
  • 2. Brazil – 15.73 percent
  • 3. Spain – 11.53 percent
  • 4. England – 8.03 percent
  • 5. Belgium – 7.90 percent
  • 6. Netherlands – 7.70 percent
  • 7. Germany – 7.21 percent
  • 8. Argentina – 6.45 percent
  • 9. Portugal – 5.11 percent

On the other hand, England, Argentina, France and Brazil were eliminated at the past World Cups – sometimes extremely clearly. There shouldn’t be a lack of self-confidence, international respect for the DFB selection at major tournaments is still huge. And why not? Germany has four stars on its chest (all World title at a glance). Only Brazil has won one more World Cup. (acl)

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