Controversy: 'Kun' Agüero says that Lautaro should not have started in Argentina

More than 24 hours have passed since the defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia (2-1) and there are still repercussions in the football world. In this sense, Sergio Agüero, who was part of the team led by Lionel Scaloni, issued an opinion regarding what happened at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Thus, the retired footballer commented that Lautaro Martinez He shouldn’t have been in the front court.

In a debate for ESPN, the ‘Kun’ assured that “The game was not for Lautaro”. Without a doubt, a comment that ignited the controversy. However, Manchester City’s historic goalscorer went deeper and, from what he saw on the field, he gave an overview of what was the problem with the Inter Milan man.

“Nine… you have to wait and see what happens, if you have any rebounds. Lautaro had to be between the two centrals. Sometimes Leo (Messi) would go offside so that the central defenders would go back a bit”he added regarding the movements that the ‘Bull’ had to carry out compared to how organized the last Saudi line was.

Along the same lines, ‘Kun’ Agüero suggested what Martínez could have done, who spent the 90 minutes against the Asians. “It is impossible to look for him there. I have played against teams like that. It is on the outside and there is a chance to have a one-on-one for you”said last year’s Copa América champion.

The Argentine party, according to Agüero

With the result posted, Scaloni’s team was questioned about what they offered in their World Cup debut. In contrast, Sergio believes that there were positive aspects and that his former teammates played a good role, despite the fact that they did not know how to resolve what he raised with the representative of Asia during the meeting.

“For me he played very well”he stated. “It must be recognized that Arabia raised the lines very well”he admitted. “Argentina had never played with such an advanced team, against whom you have to be very precise. Putting those passes into space is not easy ”described the process of the Qatar 2022 duel.

To close, the ‘Kun’ Agüero reiterated that the ‘Albiceleste’ was up to the task, although the result did not reflect that: “They came twice and it was two goals, but I liked Argentina how they played. Arabia stopped the two central defenders up so that we were offside”sentenced in the talk with ESPN.

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