Enzo Copetti receives a standing ovation from the fans at the Cilindro de Avellaneda.  Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros - CLARIN

Racing does not stop and is taking steps forward game by game. There are many things that coach Fernando Gago is doing well, although perhaps that of empowering footballers is the best. Or at least the most noticeable. Much was said at the beginning of the year about the need to incorporate an area forward. That – along with the central steering wheel – was the massive request of the fans on social networks. But the coach reiterated on several occasions that he was not going to go out on the market: he said that with Enzo Copetti and Javier Correa the position was covered. And how right the coach was: Copetti and Correa are the team’s top scorers in the semester and they don’t stop celebrating. The former Atlético de Rafaela scored a brace, while the former Colón crowned the win with a nice definition of his left foot.

So far this semester, Copetti has scored 10 goals in 18 matches: 8 for the League Cup, one for the South American Cup and the rest for the Argentine Cup. Correa, meanwhile, celebrated 8 times in 13 games: 6 for the League Cup and 2 for the South American Cup.

Some numbers serve to measure how the forwards grew in their performances. Copetti, born in the Chaco city of Resistencia 26 years ago, had scored 10 goals in 51 games until the start of this year. The native of Córdoba capital, 29 years old, had indicated 6 in 29 games disputed with the shirt of the cast of Avellaneda.

Enzo Copetti receives a standing ovation from the fans at the Cilindro de Avellaneda. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros – CLARIN

A peculiarity: the strikers’ goals were in the second half. Copetti was penalized by the ten seconds of play after a nice qualification of Chancalay and the scorer did not fail in the execution. He did not hesitate either when he had a ball left in the area and in a half turn he defined before Devecchi’s exit. Correa’s was the prettiest of the threenot only because of the definition (he hooked from the right and finished off with the left foot) but because of the previous play that included a pass without looking from the Colombian Edwin Cardona.

“We had a great game. For us it was a final, we thought of it that way, and we won all the lines. We went looking for him from the beginning. Everything worked came out and that fills me a lot “declared Gago after the win at the Cylinder.

And I add: “Since the beginning of the preseason we tried to play in a certain way. We have an idea and we strengthened it with the passing of the games and with the positive results”.

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