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Promotion League

In an exciting first leg, the León de Atacama and the Zorros del Desierto drew 0-0. In Calama the last promoted to the First Division will be known.

Copiapó equaled with Cobreloa and the last promoted to First will be known in Calama
© agency oneCopiapó equaled with Cobreloa and the last promoted to First will be known in Calama

The fight for the last spot for promotion to the First Division began its fight with a heart-stopping match. This Wednesday Deportes Copiapó and Cobreloa tied without goals, leaving the definition of the Promotion League for the second leg at the weekend.

Los Loínos had secured their place in the grand final after finishing in second place in the Primera B standings. Since then, they have been waiting for a rival and prepared with a long rest before returning to the pitch.

The place in the definition was won by the León de Atacama, which left the Universidad de Concepción and Deportes Puerto Montt on the road. Against the latter, they had a notable comeback after a 3-0 first leg, which made them arrive on fire for this afternoon’s clash.

At the Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla stadium, Copiapó and Cobreloa made it clear from the first minute that they would give up their lives to be promoted to the First Division. At the start of the game both teams had options in front of the goal, although little by little things would lean in favor of the locals.

Juan Jaime with a missile from outside the area at 20′ made the crossbar tremble. Jorge Luna also tried his own, but his shots went far from Matías Cano’s goal.

Cobreloa’s clearest response would come at 31′, when David Escalante hit a header that seemed harmless, but ended up hitting the top post. Two minutes later, the forward faced and finished off in front of the goal, but Richard Leyton was remarkable to prevent the opening of the account.

In the second half, Deportes Copiapó tried to surprise and in the first seconds they turned to the rival goal. There, a stick and a good intervention by Matías Cano saved the goal of the Zorros del desierto.

In the 61st minute, the home owners once again warned with a free kick that Diego Garcia headed in front of the goal, again forcing the appearance of the Loíno goalkeeper. The frustration began to be felt and was reflected on the court, with a moment that hit both casts.

It was at 68′ when Nicolás Palma and Camilo Ponce, who had entered a few minutes ago, faced each other with force. A head butt and provocations forced the intervention of the VAR, being expelled and losing the return. They were joined by Rodolfo González and Marco Medel, who previously received yellow cards and will not be present either.

Both teams had one less player, but it was León de Atacama that took the risk. Installing his people in attack, he opened the account at minute 82 with a shot from Juan Jaime and a goal from Maximiliano Quinteros at minute 90, but it was canceled due to a forward position.

When is the return between Deportes Copiapó and Cobreloa for the final of the promotion league?

After what happened at the Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla stadium, now Deportes Copiapó and Cobreloa play the last 90 minutes for the dream of promotion. The return promises to be a heart-stopping match, while the National Championship waits to meet its last member.

The duel that will define the last team that is promoted to the First Division is scheduled for next Sunday, November 27, starting at 7:00 p.m. in Calama.

Deportes Copiapó and Cobreloa did not get hurt, leaving the uncertainty installed to meet the last team promoted to the First Division. The pupils of Emiliano Astorga and Héctor Almandoz are 90 minutes from sleep, but there is only one place for two candidates.

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