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Qatar 2022

The Real Madrid goalkeeper raised his voice after the close victory against Canada, and was asked if he could see something of the thrashing of Luis Enrique’s team against Costa Rica 7-0. “Above all in possession and pressure they have made the line of what must be followed to go far in the World Cup,” he said of the Spaniards.

Courtois liked the work done by Luis Enrique's team to beat Costa Rica.
© GettyCourtois liked the work done by Luis Enrique’s team to beat Costa Rica.

The fourth matchday of the group stage of the Qatar World Cup 2022 he delivered again a day that had everything. Japan came from behind to Germany and took the victory, Spain gave him one historic rout from 7-0 to Costa Rica Y Belgium managed to win with a narrow 1-0 Canada with a level far from expected. Thus, precisely after this game is that Thibaut Courtois He raised his voice and asked his teammates to pay attention to the Spaniards in order to improve.

The lanky two-meter goalkeeper who breaks it for Real Madrid was not satisfied with the performance of his teammates, and in the post-match mixed zone he was asked if he could watch another FIFA World Cup match. Thus, he surprised by pointing out that Luis Enrique’s team is the model to follow to succeed.

“Spain has drawn the line of what must be followed to go far in the World Cup”

“England played a good game, France too. I saw a bit of Spain on the bus and here in the dressing room the television was on. What can I say, if you win 7-0 without conceding a shot, the truth is because they have played a great game , I think that especially in possession and pressure they have made the line of what to follow to go far in the World Cupwe have to improve our football”, launched.

Regarding his particular situation, the goalkeeper confessed to feeling “very happy because I saved the penaltyI think that if I didn’t stop it, we would have a very difficult match, and I feel good, I had discomfort until a couple of days ago and we found a way to remove it and the truth is that playing without pain relieves you a lot to be able to play calmly” .

When asked about whether or not they expected the Canadians to go all out, he acknowledged that “we were a bit surprised that they put so much pressure, because we didn’t expect it, but of course, it’s the first game of the World Cup and they were going to come out very plugged in and it’s a team with a lot of youngsters, that was also expected. I think It wasn’t our best game but starting winning is always important“.

Finally, Courtois was asked if the surprise victories of Japan against Germany and Saudi Arabia against Argentina are enough to postulate that in football you no longer win with the shirt, and he has no doubt. “No, not anymore, I think that was left behind. In football today there are no easy matches, there may be some, but in general you no longer win easily and football today is very physical, very intense and that it remains demonstrated today and in other parties”, concluded.

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