Covid-19: Anvisa maintains recommendation for the use of the Janssen vaccine in Brazil;  immunizing agent has limited authorization in the United States

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) announced, this Friday (6), that continues to recommend the use of Johnson & Johnson against Covid-19 at the Brazil. Positioning takes place after the United States disclose the limitation of the use of the immunizer on account of risk of a blood clotting syndrome.

According to the Brazilian agency, the advantages of the vaccines allowed in the country outweigh the risks. “So, at this time, the Agency does not identify the need for regulatory actions regarding the Janssen vaccine or any other”, claims Anvisa. The stock of the immunizer, which is in the possession of the Ministry of Health, has not yet been delivered to the states in its entirety. It is said that there are, in all, 8.8 million doses.

Janssen vaccine remains authorized by Anvisa. Credits: Unsplash

According to Anvisa, cases of thrombosis syndrome with thrombocytopenia (which involves blood clots) related to adenovirus immunizers are very rare and usually occur after exposure to the first dose of this type of vaccine. The agency also stated that it will continue to carry out a continuous assessment of the benefit-risk balance of all vaccines authorized in Brazil.

When there was a meeting with representatives of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the regulatory agency of the United States, Anvisa came to be informed that there would be no concern about the safety of the Janssen vaccine. However, the FDA understands that other immunizers should be prioritized in the North American country.

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