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On the last day, 291,540 doses were given in the country

Brazil advances in vaccination.  Photo: Walrus Images/Getty Images
Brazil advances in vaccination. Photo: Walrus Images/Getty Images

This Thursday (5), Brazil reached an important milestone in vaccination: 164.5 million inhabitants are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. In all, 164,520,053 Brazilians have already taken the second dose or the single dose of immunizing agent. This number corresponds to 76.58% of the national population.

According to the survey by the consortium of press vehicles, between yesterday and today 91,267 people have already completed the vaccination schedule in Brazil. Of this number, 90,407 received the second dose. Another 860 Brazilians took the single dose. In addition, 24,571 first and 175,702 reinforcements were applied in this period. In all, 291,540 doses were given in the last 24 hours.

So far, according to the survey, 177,356,086 Brazilians have already been vaccinated with the first dose. The number is equivalent to 82.56% of the country’s population. Thus, there are already 87,368,299 Brazilians immunized with the first booster dose and 1,878,381 with the second booster.

Meanwhile, with regard to childhood vaccination, 11,884,109 children between 5 and 11 years old took the initial dose. This number is equivalent to 57.97% of the population in this age group. Meanwhile, 5,678,996 completed the vaccine cycle (27.7%).

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