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This week the vaccination continues, focused on the fourth dose groups and those who still do not have the booster dose.

This week the booster dose vaccination continues in Chile.
© ONE AgencyThis week the booster dose vaccination continues in Chile.

From this Monday the Vaccination Calendar in Chile adds new people who will receive or at least can already receive the Fourth Doseand also the Booster Dose in case they are late with their vaccination schedule.

After this Sunday it was reported More than 12 thousand active cases of coronavirus in the countryfull relevance has been given to the schedule of the fourth dose, also considering that in just over a month winter begins and low temperatures make it difficult to care for diseases.

For the same reason, the authority makes the call to respect the calendar, where these days they will have the whole week to attend a vaccination center, which you can find on the social networks of your municipality.

Covid 19 vaccination schedule: Who gets vaccinated from May 9 to 15?

For the week between Monday, May 9 and Sunday, May 15, vaccination is focused on the Fourth Dose and Booster Dose. As for the first, this week the vaccination opens for those who they got their booster dose until November 28, 2021.

In addition, they can be vaccinated immunocompromised people and health officials who received the booster dose until January 16, 20221.

Refering to Booster Doseor third dose, to those who have completed their vaccination schedule (two doses or single dose) until January 16, 2022.

In the same way, laggards can still be vaccinated with the first doses or those who receive the second.

How do I know when my booster dose was or I completed the schedule?

Currently the calendar is ordered according to when the person’s booster dose or third dose was to obtain the Fourth Dose, and also the date when you completed your schedule to have the third dose. According to this date, you can get vaccinated.

But, How can I know the date of my booster dose and that of the complete schedule? If you don’t remember, you can check the vaccination card you were given at the third dose and when you got the second, but you can also check online downloading your Mobility Pass.

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