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‘CPI da Mão Leve’: Fans send money to buy gifts for Jade Picon and Paulo André, but fall for a scam; losses amount to more than R$20,000.

Lauren Berger


Woman said she was close to the influencer and the athlete, managing to take money from fans

Exposed happened on Twitter.  Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Exposed happened on Twitter. Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Last Monday (13), fans of Jade Picon and Paulo André Camilo ended up living through such a drama. During last night, believing that they were going to give gifts to the ex-BBBs 22, they suffered a scam and handed money to an unknown person. With that, the exposed rolled heavily on Twitter.

It all started when a woman, who called herself Janaína, stated that she was close to PA and Jade Picon. In this way, she managed to create different situations and would have received money from fans to buy treats for the ex-couple. According to internet reports, the damages, if added, would reach approximately R$ 20 thousand.

On social media, people who fell for the coup created a live and commented on what happened, which was called ‘CPI da Mão Leve’. The followers received support from other fans, who encouraged them to look for a police station. During the call, they also explained how the coup happened. According to reports, the girl said she was close to Jade and Paulo André and asked for money to buy gifts for the two.

The fans, really believing the story, made the donation. According to the publications, people lost more than BRL 700. “I made the PIX for BRL 786, and the next day she was in São Paulo with her daughter. It was the day she met the PA and her parents, at Paris 6. I asked if she would deliver the bracelet to him there and how she would deliver Jade’s. I never got an answer,” she reported.

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