CR7 dispels rumors when he is caught in a moment of relaxation in the Cup: "I've never seen him like this..."

Striker has been dealing with controversies at Manchester United, but climate in the Portuguese national team calms down fans

One of the greatest players of all time is about to play in his last World Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo will play his fourth FIFA World Cup in Qatar, what further increases the pressure for the star player is that the striker is experiencing a strained relationship with Manchester United, the team that popularized him around the world, but which failed to recover his old success. Amidst the misgivings, CR7 scores a great goal off the pitch🇧🇷

The Lusitanian team takes the field next Thursday (24th), at 1pm, a game before Brazil’s debut. On the occasion, Portugal performs its first commitment in group H, against the selection of Ghana. If the Africans expected to find a split group, because of the bullshit between CR7 and Manchester United, the surprise came this Tuesday (21). In a video released by the Portuguese Federation, Cristiano Ronaldo was in a moment that, according to his own fans, has never been seen🇧🇷



In a Federation dynamic, Cristiano Ronaldo was challenged to recreate defender Pepe in the form of a drawing🇧🇷 What the channel’s production did not expect was such a spontaneous reaction from shirt 7, who couldn’t contain his laughter when he saw his friend. The two represent the old guard of Portugal, as they are the last of a generation that has already been saying goodbye to the lawns.

Agif/Wagner Meier – Cristiano and Pepe have been in a relationship for years



After timid performances in Germany, South Africa and Brazil, Cristiano had a World Cup in Russia at the height of his career🇧🇷 The three goals in the derby against Spain are remembered as one of the best performances in that edition of the tournament. Ronaldo has already promised that in case of first title in Qatarhe bids farewell to the Portugal national team.

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