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On Radio Agriculture, Cristián Caamaño and Pancho Sagredo were very energetic in advising Azul Azul: Diego López, Beñat San José? According to the communicators, the key is Chilenita Fuentes and they explain why.

Caamaño and Sagredo have no doubts: Ronald is the ideal candidate for the U.
© Archive and Agency UNOCaamaño and Sagredo have no doubts: Ronald is the ideal candidate for the U.

University of Chile found some necessary calm and oxygen after the victory against Deportes La Serena for date 12 of the National Championship. The Blues had a good debut under interim Sebastián Miranda and moved away from the relegation zone.

However, Azul Azul still has a task ahead of them to find the coach to guide the path of the U in the second semester. And of the two candidates, Cristián Caamaño is not convinced by either.

“I don’t like Diego López… because I listened to Michael Clark, who clearly never does what he thinks, but he said that the U needed a coach who knows the Chilean environment, and Diego López has no reference to Chilean soccer, beyond that any technician should be aware of any market where they can work”, said Caamaño in Sports in Agriculture.

The journalist added: “How close is López to Chilean soccer? There are two names that are stronger today: López and Beñat San José, another coach who comes with low performance. So they are looking for a correct successor for Escobar, who has a similar performance in his last club.

So what should the U do? Caamaño gives clues to Azul Azul: “yesterday we learned that the clause that prevented a First Division coach from directing two teams in the same season was modified, and under that logic there is a DT that fits the profile that the U: Ronald Fuentes,” he said.

“Fuentes turns 60 days after his settlement on May 28. Did Aubert say that no Chilean coach is qualified to direct the U? But they confirmed Valencia, they brought Romero and now they put Miranda, therefore, he also often does not agree with what he thinks, “added the face of Agriculture.

Even a fellow panel member completely agrees: “He has all the knowledge of the U, he was a World Cup player, he was a figure in the U, champion, he knows the club from the inside, he has done well and badly as a coach, that is important. Go look for Ronald Fuentes, chao of foreign inventions, until when”, opined Francisco Sagredo.

Cristián Caamaño sentenced without doubt: “it is the name. If they are going to wait until the end of the first round, Ronald Fuentes fits the profile perfectly: a coach who knows the U perfectly. He will have players who achieved high performance with him, such as Chorri Palacios and Pablo Aránguiz. With this possibility, in the U they have nowhere to get lost, the U at this moment needs a Chilean DT, not a foreign one. A Chilean coach who washes the head of the squad as Sebastián Miranda has done in a week. The U needs a DT who knows the club from the inside. And if you have Ronald available, please, leaders: don’t act crazy with foreigners who are going to fail. Please bring Ronald Fuentes.”

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