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The journalist and commentator in Sports in Agriculture highlights that the change of air was good for Universidad de Chile, where many players raised the level for the victory against Deportes La Serena. He assures that Israel Poblete was highlighted and that Lucas Assadi should be given more options.

The journalist highlights that the U had another way of approaching the match against La Serena.
© Agency One / ArchiveThe journalist highlights that the U had another way of approaching the match against La Serena.

There is no doubt that the triumph of University of Chile on Sports La Serena He gave a break to the entire boisterous people, who after the departure of Santiago Escobar are excited by the hand of the interim coach Sebastian Miranda.

For the same reason, the journalist and commentator in Sports in Agriculture, Christian Caamanoensures that a different team was seen, despite the fact that serious shortcomings remain to be resolved.

“Good game for the U. When you generate a lot of scoring plays, you have another feeling. First, the feeling that you didn’t win it by luck. The feeling that you improved a key aspect like the defensive, which still has rubble. It has many problems defensive and serious. One of the starters Ignacio Tapia was not there, the starting right-back was not there. Sebastián Miranda improvised a defense and got the job done, they didn’t get as much, it could have been worse. La Serena is a team that has problems, but with the weight that the U has, winning means a relief”, analyzes Caamaño.

In this sense, the journalist reveals that the way in which the U is turning the page will allow the team to work more calmly, thinking about the next objectives.

“Winning the first one supposes a tremendous tranquility, a relief, it lowers the tension, lowers the temperature and generates all this. It is as if the U had won a world final and the smiles are going to return to the Blue Sports Center”, specifies the journalist .

For the same reason, it exemplifies the changes that were seen on the field of the Santa Laura stadium due to what was done by Israel Poblete, who was the great figure.

“It’s been a while since a midfielder in the U raised a duel like that, or they crossed the middle of the field at speed. It was all predictable. It was everything you grew up with, as they say. Today there was an idea, in the second goal, the assistance from Poblete to Fernández is perfect. There is a greater degree of confidence, the team felt the change, there is confidence and there is another energy. It is a different team in the eleven dates. First it was not dominated, many scoring situations were generated, there were increases important. Before one said how he came to U Poblete and today he showed that he can be important. We have to insist with Assadi, a lot has been given to Vargas. I’m not saying he’s a better player, but you need an enabling midfielder who has a vision of game. Things that Jeisson doesn’t have,” he concludes.

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