Sharp criticism of Joshua Kimmich (right): Markus Babbel.
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Markus Babbel has never been known for mincing his words. The latest victim of his harsh criticism: Bayern star Joshua Kimmich.

Munich – The mood of crisis at FC Bayern still not abating. The embarrassment against FC Augsburg record champion triggered an earthquake. Even if yourself the Bayern bosses (still) try to nip the discussions in the bud, coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) looks counted. Numerous experts put the FCB coach under pressure. Including Markus Babbel (50), who played for the Reds himself as an active professional for years (1991-2001).

FC Bayern: “He has to get that under control” – Babbel fears that Nagelsmann will lose the dressing room

Hasan Salihamidzic has put together a great squad. Now it’s up to Julian Nagelsmann to get the horsepower on the road,” says the 1996 European Champion in an interview sky. He asks the coach to use a hard hand.

Sharp criticism of Joshua Kimmich (right): Markus Babbel. © IMAGO / Sportfoto Rudel / Eibner

“Certain players”, whom he initially does not name, should do what the coach demands on the pitch.” If that doesn’t happen, according to Babbel, there is a risk of trouble: “If players are allowed to take something that others are not allowed to do, then you will get it you sooner or later in the cabin a problem. Nagelsmann has to get that under control.” He also takes a similar line Didi Hamann (49), the TV expert sees “some trouble spots” at FC Bayern.

FC Bayern: Babbel shoots against Kimmich – “He no longer has the discipline”

But then Babbel specifically takes on an FCB star: Joshua Kimmich (27). “But I noticed last season that he no longer has the discipline to play in his position,” Babbel shoots at the midfield all-rounder, and further: “He moves around everywhere, just not where he’s playing should.”

Born: February 8, 1995 in Rottweil
Positions: defensive midfield, central midfield, right-back
Market value: 80 million euros (Source:

Babbel sees Kimmich’s airs and graces: “Meanwhile, I have the feeling that he wants to shine and that because of his status you can no longer attack him, let alone touch him. As if he were wearing ballerina shoes, he suddenly just falls down. ”The TV expert cites a situation as an example Home game against VfB Stuttgart from the 51st minute, when Kimmich, with a lot of luck, conceded a whistle and the VfB goal was disallowed.

Babbel demands signs from Nagelsmann: “Then you just have to put Kimmich on the bench”

“It was crazy that the situation in our own penalty area was whistled off against VfB Stuttgart. I expect that he will fight back more,” Babbel complains. He therefore demands from Nagelsmann: “Then you have to put Kimmich on the bench and send a signal if he doesn’t do what is required.” Mario Basler (53) did last a similar announcement regarding Thomas Müller (33).

Nagelsmann must “try to become calmer and more confident so that the players also notice that the coach has everything under control outside,” says the ex-Munich player. The bizarre appearance of the Bayern coach after the game in Augsburg Markus Babbel doesn’t like it either: “But if you only look at the interview after the Augsburg game, you get the feeling that Nagelsmann doesn’t know what to do anymore. That must not happen.” (vfi)

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