CSKA President Andrey Vatutin

CSKA President Andrey Vatutin said the Euroleague’s decision was made without the required legal grounds. “It is important for us to get a legal assessment, whatever it may be,” he said.

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CSKA President Andrey Vatutin

(Photo: Global Look Press)

Basketball CSKA believes that the decision of the Euroleague to exclude the club from the number of participants in the upcoming season was made without the legal grounds required for this, so the army team filed a lawsuit. This was stated by CSKA President Andrey Vatutin, whose commentary was provided by the club’s press service to RBC.

“CSKA really appealed to the Luxembourg court, where the ECA company, which manages the Euroleague, is registered. We dispute the decision of its board of directors to remove our club from the tournament, despite the status of a shareholder and holder of an A license. We believe that the decision was made without the required legal grounds for this, ”Vatutin said.

Gomel with the phrase “nothing will come of it” estimated the chances of CSKA in court with the Euroleague

Photo: Global Look Press

According to Vatutin, CSKA has no illusions about a hypothetical participation in the upcoming Euroleague season. “If only because the court decision will have to wait long enough. It is important for us to get a legal assessment, whatever it may be. In addition, the Euroleague is a commercial tournament, non-participation in it deprives us of a significant part of our income. In fact, we were deprived of the opportunity to receive income from the business, in the creation and management of which we were directly involved, ”said the president of CSKA.

On June 16, it became known that Russian clubs would not play in the tournament next season. At the same time, CSKA is a shareholder of the Euroleague and the holder of a long-term license A. On August 5, the Greek edition of Gazzetta reported that CSKA sued the Euroleague basketball due to exclusion from the tournament in the 2022/23 season. It was noted that the lawsuit was sent to the Luxembourg court, which in the coming days should make a decision on this case.

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