Cuesmes: his rival stabs him in the head

The Advocate General requested a two-year prison sentence for Benoît (assumed name), for acts of assault and battery previously qualified as attempted murder.

On the night of July 28 to July 29, 2021, around 1 a.m., Simon (assumed name), the victim went to his apartment in Cuesmes which he shared with the defendant in order to collect personal belongings. Accompanied by his mother, the young man of 20 years absolutely wanted to recover his property after having celebrated his birthday with dignity to leave for France.

From the outset, Benoît made threats: “if you come in, I’ll plant you”. He first seized a crowbar in order to strike Simon before closing the door, reopening it, this time armed with a kitchen knife. He will plant the weapon in the back of the victim’s skull, causing him 11 stitches.

Jealousy as the source of aggression

The cause of this attack? Probably a romance between two men who were previously friends, in love with the same woman. The defendant would indeed seem jealous of the couple formed by Simon and his girlfriend. He also did everything to break it.

During his first hearings with the police, Benoît explained a rather incredible story during which the victim would have stabbed himself in the back of the skull. “He specifies the opposite so that I go to prison”revealed the defendant.

For the civil party, the author of the facts seems a bad liar since his version does not coincide with the injuries observed on the victim. “Experts have said that it is impossible to get such injuriess”. Today, the young man remains traumatized by this violent attack which could have been fatal. “My client thought he was dead. Let’s not forget that this is a lethal zone“, indicated the counsel for the civil party at the bar of the Mons Court of Appeal.

Benoît, on the other hand, presents a completely different version of the story. “Simon arrived drunk, banging hard on the shutters with a crowbar. I retorted with a stab“, reported the defendant. His lawyer realized that it was now difficult to believe him after his many lies. But according to the defense, certain elements of the file still seem questioning. Multiple messages are indeed exchanged between the two men who became rivals in which the victim advocated death threats.

“Initially, the victim specified that she did not have a crowbar. Today, she indicates that she used it to knock on the shutter, for fear that the defendant would attack his mother who was at the interior. In terms of the evolution of the declarations, we do not do better”noted the lawyer during his argument. “On the other hand, no fingerprints were taken on the object to see once and for all who had held it.” He pleaded the excuse of provocation. Judgment will be delivered on December 21.

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