Daniel Alves comments on going to the World Cup and 'annoys' internet users on the web: "Who lives in the past..."

During the last few months, one of the soap operas that most stirred the ball market was the indecision of the right-back Daniel Alves about which would be his next team after leaving Barcelona. After speculation of playing for Athletico Paranaense, the winger of Brazilian Team ended up closing with Pumas, from Mexico.

This week, the player gave an interview to ESPN, where he opened the game about his hopes of going to the World Cup and how much that influenced his decision about his new team. The side took the opportunity to ‘answer’ those who criticize his call.

If I have to go to the World Cup, I go because there are many years dedicated to all this and respecting history. I think the decision now to choose a team is irrelevant. We are 3 months or less from World Cup. And we can’t forget that I have 16 years of history within the Brazilian team“, said Daniel.

On the web, it didn’t take long for netizens to react to the statement: “Who lives on history is a museum! Lately (Daniel) has been lazy”, “That’s why Brazil won’t be Hexa”, “For him to say that, Tite has already said something to him!!”, “The rancidity I got from this guy is not normal, I don’t even support São Paulo”said some netizens.

For some time now, Daniel has been ‘strange’ with the Brazilian fans. It all started after his time at São Paulo, which left an air of ‘few friends’ and that also ended up ‘spreading’ to other teams. Until the final date of the summons, there is still a lot of water to pass under this bridge.

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