Daniel Riolo's harsh words on the Red Devils: "What can the Belgians expect from this team?"

Like the international press, journalist Daniel Riolo was not at all convinced by the performance of the Red Devils against Canada. In the program “After Foot” on RMC, the journalist analyzed the forceps victory of Roberto Martinez’s team. “Belgium is an aging team“, he summarizes. “I have the impression that every time you look at the Belgian team, it’s always the same players for years. In the club, we don’t see them much anymore. Eden Hazard, it’s over. Only De Bruyne remains as a player of international level. The others no longer exist, they have all passed to the other side.

Lukaku’s brilliant reaction to the penalty saved by Thibaut Courtois (VIDEO)

According to Riolo, the Belgian formation has reason to be satisfied with this victory, despite the worrying level of play. But that’s about all. “I did not expect the Belgians to win this game so ‘small’ and to move so much”he admits.

“Always the same players”

Especially since the meeting could have turned out very differently without the penalty saved by Thibaut Courtois. “What happens if Davies scores the peno, which he shoots really badly? Does this give another twist to this game? Do we end up with one more surprise, a match like Japan-Germany or Saudi Arabia-Argentina? We can ask ourselves the question.

Riolo is therefore very skeptical for the rest of the Red Devils tournament. “What can the Belgians envisage with this team? The three points will do them a world of good in this very open group. With a draw now, they can at least be second. But, I don’t know… This team doesn’t renew itself. They are always the same players. However, there is a team that works well and that we see in the Champions League, it’s Bruges. But we don’t see him in the national team…

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