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Vasco will face the leader of the Brasileirão in Serie B, Cruzeiro, next Sunday (12), at 4 pm, at the Maracanã stadium.

Danilo Boza reveals backstage about Zé Ricardo’s departure: “We were scared”
© Photo: Daniel RAMALHO / CRVGDanilo Boza reveals backstage about Zé Ricardo’s departure: “We were scared”

Zé Ricardo terminated the contract with Vasco to take over a club in China. The commander was being charged by the twisted for the team’s performance, even though Cruz-Maltino was the only one in Serie B unbeaten this season. Despite the little contact with the technician, Danilo Boza during an interview withSportBuzz‘ talked about leaving Zé Ricardo.

The defender made his debut for the hill giant in the confrontation against Nauticalin the last round, spoke about the backstage of the termination of ex-coach of the Rio team. The defender highlighted that all of the squad were taken by surprise with the news and emphasized that they did not count on this change in the middle of the season.

“We were surprised when they said there was going to be a meeting. Everyone didn’t understand anything, but after we found out about Zé’s termination, we were scared by what he was doing for us. We know how football is and the pressure. I was happy for him and everyone was sad for him to leave and happy to have achieved a new career goal. The feeling that was left was one of surprise.”, highlighted Danilo Boza.

The defender also stressed that the team is focused to emerge victorious against the leader cruise at Maracana. Danilo understands the difficulty he will have in the confrontation of next Sunday (12), but believes that the Vasco can win the three points, especially if they manage to cancel the Ed.

“It’s a big game, but we treat every game on an equal footing. Of course, we know that Cruzeiro has a more qualified team than the ones we’ve played against and they have Edu, who is one of the top scorers of the championship and that you have to be careful. Professor Emílio has been passing data from Cruzeiro to us and we know where we can attack them”.

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