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Dante Poli analyzed the moment that Universidad de Chile is experiencing. For the former soccer player and now sports commentator, the university cast must “absorb their role as a small team”, since their players “are used to never living with being successful or being champions”.

Poli had harsh words for the U campus
© ESPN/Agency ONEPoli had harsh words for the U campus

University of Chile have difficult days. The blues suffered in the Superclassic against Colo Colo and they took their third loss in a row, the one that keeps them stuck at the bottom of the standings of the National Championship.

The college cast takes a close look at the relegation zone again and draws criticism from various sports commentators. “That of the ‘Leon’, of the ‘mystique’, of finally going to eat the rival when things don’t happen, it no longer exists in the U”, assured Francisco Sagredo.

Now it’s time to Dante Poly. From his stand on ESPN F90, the former soccer player had harsh words for the present of the U and assured that, with the names that he has on his squad, he must assume a “small team role.”

“The player feels overwhelmed and frustrated, especially the youngsters, for losing this Superclásico and they say: ‘This is a giant slap in the face’. What slap? If it’s been 15 years since they’ve been hitting him with this slap. It’s already unreal to think that that should make you so bitter. Of course, taking out the fan ”, he started saying.

This U team, with the players it has, already has to absorb its role as a small team, of equipment that is not great. Why do I say it: Which U player is a big team player? And I don’t want to be disrespectful to this, but to analyze it for what’s left,” he continued.

Poli assured that the history of Universidad de Chile as a great national should be left aside and argued that its current squad is far from being a team “used to being successful or champion.”

The entire U team is accustomed, in general, to never living with being successful or being champion. Why would this institution, with that squad, have to aspire to be a big team that develops and plays as such? It is the furthest there is from that from the theoretical argument, ”he launched later.

“Let’s stop looking at the U in recent years, but above all this team, and believe that because they are in the U, since history, they must behave like a great team player. They are far from it. It’s not their fault, it’s their reality”, he sentenced.

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