Vyacheslav Datsik

Vyacheslav Datsik said that he sympathizes with Jeff Monson and does not feel any aggression towards him. “He is a respected fighter, why kill him,” said the athlete

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Vyacheslav Datsik

(Photo: Pavel Kashaev / Global Look Press)

Russian mixed martial artist Vyacheslav Datsik after defeating Jeff Monson confessed journalists that he won the fight without punches in the face, because the opponent is “a deputy and he still has to speak.”

“Which deputy to beat? As usual, not the first deputy, I hope not the last,” Datsik said. – Jeff is a good and respected fighter, I have no aggression towards him. We cut ourselves merrily, fought kayfovo, I remembered my signature somersaults, it seems that I even hit, but not in the jaw. I didn’t hit the deputy in the face, he still has to speak, probably.”

“I already showed him the full power of nuclear fists, his breath sank and he was not particularly zealous in the fight. He is a respected fighter, why kill him. In addition, he comes out to the anthem of the Soviet Union – honor and respect, ”said the athlete.

Datsik noted that he likes to perform according to the rules of boxing. “MMA is cool, but I like to cut myself in the rack. Wrestling, of course, is not mine. Now after the fight you need to wash.

Datsik’s next fight will be in September against Alexander Emelianenko. This fight will be held according to the rules of boxing. “With Sasha, everything will be different,” said Datsik.

Datsik defeated Monson in the main fight of the REN TV Fight Club tournament by unanimous decision.

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