David Beckham, the big brother in "S.O.S. Beckham" on Disney+

The round ball no longer holds any secrets for him. From Manchester United to PSG via Real Madrid, the Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan, David Beckham has played in the most prestigious clubs and is considered one of the best English midfielders in history. soccer. Almost ten years after quitting his career as a professional footballer, the current owner of Inter Miami CF and husband of Victoria Beckham, ex-Spice Girls nicknamed “Posh Spice”, continues his path in transmission. Since November 9, David Beckham has been at the center of S.O.S. Beckham, a Disney + documentary series of which he is the producer and in which he comes to the aid of the Westward Boys, a young local team from East London who have hit rock bottom and are stagnating at the bottom of the rankings. A homecoming for the world star who started in this Echo League.

Alongside the team’s coaches, David Beckham will participate in training and attend matches, delivering his professional advice. “I’m going to help them so that in 20 years, they say to themselves: ‘It’s true, his advice helped me a lot'”, confides David Beckham. In the stands before his first meeting with the young players, he observes and notices the strengths and weaknesses of each of them: the insurance of Frédérick, the goalkeeper, the speed of Rio or the frustration of Vaughan.Before the technique, the former player however wants to focus on their attitude, the most important according to him.

“Nobody wanted me”

Seeing him land, the players are hallucinating. “I will never wash my hands again“, launches a young person to whom David Beckham has just shaken hands. To motivate them, the star of the round ball shares some anecdotes. “There will always be a first and a last chosen. When I was your age, I was always the last pick, always. I was the smallest and the thinnest. And nobody wanted me. It was like that. But you know what ? I worked hard. If you want to be the best at any job and in any field, you have to give it your all.“, he says.

This documentary series comes at the right time, just two weeks before the launch of the 2022 FIFA World Cup for which David Beckham is ambassador, a role which has earned him much criticism. Will the football star restore his image by allowing the Westward Boys to climb the slope and get closer to the top of the rankings? Their progress can be followed in the four episodes of SOS Beckham.

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