De Croo pleads in Berlin for a new financing plan and European unification (Update)

To restore affordable energy prices, Mr De Croo defended, in the German capital, the idea of ​​a new plan financed at EU level, like what the European Union has set up, in an unprecedented way on this scale, for the coronavirus crisis.

Calling for the development of a Europe “always open to the world, but without more naivety”, he urged the 27 to make the EU “a military-industrial bloc”, which will constitute “one of the two pillars of NATO”, with the American pillar.

Another “hot” subject brought about by the war in Ukraine is, according to Mr De Croo, the enlargement of the European Union. Rather than an enlargement, he pleads for a “unification of Europe”. Given the years that an accession procedure can take, the necessary reforms, the values ​​to be respected, the appetite of the candidate countries and the risk that they will become “vassals” of rival powers, he proposes to allow in the meantime it is up to them to “get closer” to the European Union. This could be done by allowing their citizens to benefit directly from the EU’s democratic space and the single market, by involving these countries in certain EU institutions.

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