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The independent deputy Tomás De Rementería assured Redgol that they will seek the departure of Francisco Leturia, the president of the Council for Transparency, for his offensive tweets against the Chilean Human Rights Commission.

The independent deputy Tomás De Rementería.
© AGENCY ONEThe independent deputy Tomás De Rementería.

The president of the Council for Transparency, Francisco Leturia, caused a scandal when in the early hours of Wednesday, August 3, he wrote a tweet against the Chilean Commission for Human Rights (CCHDH).
The lawyer, at 2:17 a.m., tweeted “What the hell is the Chilean Human Rights Commission?” in response to a post by the former vice president of the Constituent Convention, Jaime Bassa, who shared a public statement by the Chilean Human Rights Commission Human Rights, supporting the proposal for a new Constitution.
Leturia’s insult provoked angry protests against his suitability for the post, including a statement from the commission itself.
Now it is the deputy Tomás de Rementería (Independiente-PS) who, in dialogue with RedNews of RedGoal, confirmed that “andWe are determined to pursue the responsibility of Mr. Leturia for his reckless statements against the Human Rights Commission and also his attitude that has been erratic as president of the Council for Transparency“.
The legislator added that “It seems to me that Mr. Leturia does not have the skills, publishes tweets at an hour out of context, such as 2:30 in the morning, against a plebiscite option and has had a partisan option: So, obviously, we are going to pursue whatever responsibility it is.”

De Rementería detailed the steps to follow. “Today the lawyers of the Socialist caucus are analyzing and preparing an accusation to take it to the Supreme Court because Mr. Leturia is a danger to an institution as important as the Council for Transparency, which is, finally, our gateway to a right that is established and that is now in the new Constitution, which is the right to access public information”.
Finally, the parliamentarian emphasizes that “he does not meet those standards, so we want Mr. Leturia to step aside and we will continue the judicial action in that sense”.

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