Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle have big plans for the World Cup.
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Of: Christopher Klaucke

Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle have big plans for the World Cup. © Marius Becker/dpa

Germany will face Japan at the start of the World Cup. The DFB press conference Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle before the first game in the live ticker.

  • DFB press conference with Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle, Monday, 10 a.m
  • Germany meets Japan at the start of the World Cup on Wednesday
  • This live ticker for the DFB-PK is constantly updated

Musiala on the chance for the world title: “I think we have the quality to go far in the tournament. We all go into the tournament with the mindset that we can win. We’re all in the mood for the tournament to start now.”

Musiala about the atmosphere in the team: “You can have a good chat with anyone. We young players sit together at the table, but we also take turns. We play Nintendo Switch and play a bit in the evenings. It’s important to build a good mood.”

Süle about the last tournament in 2018: “Everything that happened yesterday no longer counts in football. Nobody will think of Mexico or South Korea, there is a new constellation. Negative thoughts are not appropriate. We are well prepared.”

Süle on his current condition: “Unfortunately I dropped out at Dortmund at the beginning, but I feel very comfortable. For the past few weeks and months I’ve been trying to get myself in good shape. I’m in a good rhythm. I want to take responsibility for my second World Cup. We have something to make up for. I’m really looking forward to the first game.”

Musiala about playing basketball in the German team: “I’m the best player here. We already have some good players here. Leroy and Ilkay can play a little basketball. My favorite team are the Golden State Warriors.”

Süle on the focus in the tournament: “We work on it every day. We have to put in a good performance on Wednesday and be there from the start. We have to train processes in the shortest possible time and discuss them again and again. Counterattack protection is part of that for us because we think very offensively. We had a few problems recently, that shouldn’t pay for us on Wednesday.”

Süle on his position as a potential right-back: “I think I’ve shown in the last few games at Dortmund that I can be an alternative. But Hansi has to decide that in the end. But I’m a central defender and that’s where my strengths lie. But I would also play right back and I’m prepared.

Musiala about Süle: “It’s disgusting to play him one-on-one. He’s fast and strong. We have fun playing ball together.”

Süle about Musiala: “In a test match against the U19s, you saw relatively quickly what kind of quality he has. After that, he quickly joined the pros. I hope that he can confirm the form from Munich at the World Cup.”

Musiala about his youth in England: “I learned a lot when I was young in England and took it with me. I was able to develop individually. I took that with me for my career.”

Musiala on his support for England: “I used to support England and I’m happy when they win. It was my goal to play at Wembley.”

Musiala on whether Germany could learn something from England: “Germany is always a tournament team, as a team it’s really strong. That is what sets us apart. England have a lot of quality, they go one-on-one with courage. We can take that with us.”

Musiala on the Messi comparison by Lothar Matthäus: “A comparison with Messi is an honor. Messi has been playing at the top level all his life. I focus on myself, what I can do better than Jamal. Just keep going.”

Süle about Musiala: “I prefer to play with him, but I also know how to defend against him.”

Süle about Hansi Flick: “Hansi is incredibly good at forming a unit. We will be well attuned to the opponent. We have the opportunity to do something with the tournament, so extra motivation is not necessary. But Hansi always managed to form a good unit.”

Musiala about the World Cup quarters: “It’s very relaxed, we also played basketball. We can now watch World Cup games.”

Süle about the World Cup quarters: “We have an amazing neighborhood. We have great conditions and want to be here for a long time.”

Musiala on his role as a ten in the DFB team: “I can position myself anywhere. In the end it’s a decision of the coach. Many can play tens.”

Süle on a possible Bayern bonus at the DFB: “I kind of don’t think so. Every player who is here has performed well at the club. Everyone who is not there is of course disappointed. Bayern win their games week after week and have the right to be there.”

Musiala on his World Cup memories: “There are so many top players at the World Cup. When I was younger I watched every player. Seeing Mario score in the World Cup final was a good experience.”

Süle on the defense: “We have been playing in this association for a long time. We have to ensure stability and radiate something at the back. We need a good remaining defense. Against Oman we had two or three things that we need to improve on. But we have already proven that we can defend against good opponents.”

The DFB would like to wait for the deliberations on the one-love bandage and then announce a decision.

Musiala on his looseness: “It’s important to have a little fun and not too much pressure, then everything will work out.”

Update from November 21, 10:04 am: The press conference starts a few minutes late. Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle take a seat in the press room.

Update from November 21, 9:55 a.m.: The DFB press conference in the first week of the World Cup begins in just over five minutes. Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle will answer journalists’ questions on the podium. Both players have legitimate hopes of a regular place at the tournament in Qatar. You won’t miss anything in our live ticker for PK.

preliminary report: Al-Shamal – It’s getting serious for them German national team. The first game is in two days World Cup 2022 on, Germany is challenged against Japan. How is the atmosphere in the team? Jamal Musiala and Niklas Sule will answer this question on Monday morning when they answer journalists’ questions at the press conference. We will be there from 10 a.m. in the live ticker.

DFB-PK before the start of the World Cup in the live ticker: Jamal Musiala and Niklas Süle as guests

For captain Manuel Neuer it is clear: “The most important game is the first one. We have to do everything we can to get into a flow.” Therefore National coach Hansi Flick tightened the reins noticeably and was really “on fire” during the intensive practice sessions at the weekend with the previously injured Thomas Müller and Antonio Rüdiger. “More speed,” the national coach loudly demanded from his “sons of the desert” for the passing exercises and kept urging them on with his “come on, come on, come on”. After all, his players should be “ready”.

The four-time world champion has finally switched to tournament mode, the fight for the three or four remaining places in the starting eleven is coming to a head. “Everyone”, emphasizes Serge Gnabry, “want to play” – including Niclas Füllkrug. The goalscorer got involved again on Sunday after his flu infection. (ck/akl)

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