DH Edito: Capped gas prices: a missed opportunity for Europe

Since the amount of energy bills has exploded, governments are trying somehow to limit damage. Even if the Belgian leaders have taken measures, which some call measures, Alexander De Croo and his people have mainly relied on Europe.

The solution had to come from a consensus of the 27 members. She won’t come. In any case, not really what they expected and especially what the Belgian citizens hoped for. The Rubik’s cube invented by the Eurocrats is certainly well put together but above all well studied so that this long-awaited price cap never takes place. In any case, the figure of 275 euros per megawatt hour, chosen as a benchmark, has never yet been reached.

Our neighbors, richer and also producers, France and Germany have managed to contain this increase which is hitting the Belgian population hard and almost 100%. Both the federal and regional (French-speaking) coffers are empty and will probably not be able to repeat the “whatever the cost” scenario which had allowed the Belgian economy and individuals to float during the coronavirus pandemic.

This crisis is likely to do (significantly) more damage, especially in businesses where energy weighs very (too?) heavy, but also to make Belgians who thought they were safe. European solidarity obviously has its limits. Those of national borders.

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