Quarterfinal is final station for Dimitri Van den Bergh in Players Championship 22, Aspinall final winner


With a place in the quarter-finals, Dimitri Van den Bergh (PDC-14) was the best Belgian darts player in the 24th tournament of the Players Championship on Friday in Barnsleu, England. Luke Humphries (PDC-11) held him out of the semi-finals 6-3. Van den Bergh gave up a 2-3 lead.

Source: BELGA

On the way to the quarterfinals, 28-year-old Antwerp defeated Matthew Edgar (PDC-135) 6-3, Dutchman Damian Mol (PDC-117) 6-1, Brian Raman (PDC-105) 6-1 and Ross Smith (PDC-32) 6-2.

Geert De Vos (PDC-97) and Kim Huybrechts (PDC-33) had to drop out in the second round, before Mike De Decker (PDC-64), Mario Vandenbogaerde (PDC-98) and Kenny Neyens (PDC-163) already in the first round.

Englishman Robb Cross (PDC-9) won the tournament by beating his compatriot Humphries in the final 8-3.

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