'Disenchanted': release date and plot of the sequel to 'Enchanted'

“Disenchanted”the sequel to “Nice to meet you” (tape about a young woman named Giselle who lives in Andalasia, but because of a bad woman she is sent to Manhattan and there she meets a single father) is already on Disney plus.

On this occasion, the film introduces us to a Giselle who has become the mother of a baby and a teenager, all three of whom live with Robert Phillip; However, she no longer likes that place very much and she and her husband decide to move to the outskirts of Monroeville, although Morgan (her eldest daughter) does not like her idea so much.

The story is very interesting because in addition to dealing with the relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter, it also touches on some points that many adults will identify with, plus this time there are more songs.

Therefore, to encourage you to see the film, below, we tell you ten moments of the tape that you will love.

  • When Pip tells the story of the young woman and how she was raised in the woods to later meet the love of her life in New York.
  • When Giselle sings while the movers are fixing everything and Morgan is embarrassed by the situation, showing that she is no longer a fan of the songs.
  • The visit of three neighbors, one of them is called Malvina and that information will be very important for the film.
  • Edward and Nancy visit Giselle, Robert, Morgan and the baby to deliver a curious gift to the newborn. The king of Andalasia gives Patrick a sword.
  • When Giselle walks Morgan to school and meets her neighbors who are raising funds for a city event.
  • Giselle talks to Morgan and tries to talk to her about the move, and how hard it can be to make new friends, but the teen isn’t too happy with the idea.
  • After Morgan argues with Giselle, she decides to use the gift that the kings of Andalasia gave her baby to make a wish that will add more excitement to the movie.
  • After making a wish, Giselle discovers that she could become a stepmother like those in fairy tales. For this reason, she begins to live a struggle between her personalities: the kind one and that of a bad stepmother who tries to nickname her.
  • When Giselle wakes up and discovers that the broom and all the implements in her home are alive, they also sing.
  • After the wish, it is discovered that the entire city has become a fairy tale place and the friendly neighbors have become Giselle’s enemies.

When does “Disenchanted” premiere?

The film hits a popular streaming platform on November 18. The premiere is one of the most anticipated in 2022 because 15 years have passed since the release of ‘Enchanted’, the first film in the history of Giselle and company.

What streaming platform will “Disenchanted” be available on?

The sequel to ‘Enchanted’ is on Disney plus since November 18. The platform The series and movie service has various monthly cost packages: S/25.90 (Disney only), S/ 44.90 (Disney+ and Star+ together), and S/55.90 (Disney+, Star+ and STARZPLAY in a single plan).

What is “Disenchanted” about?

Giselle, Robert and Morgan live happily on the outskirts of New York, while enjoying a quiet life with the new member of the family; However, despite the fact that everything is happiness, the change of environment and the rules that Giselle must now follow make her begin to question herself about the ‘happily ever after’ and wish that her life would become a fairy tale.

For this reason, and inadvertently, he transforms the place into a fairy tale, a situation that will only create more chaos in the real world and also in Andalasia, a magical place that he misses, in addition to the fact that his happiness and that of his family will be in danger.

Cast of “Disenchanted”

  • Amy Adams (Giselle Philip)
  • Patrick Dempsey (Robert Philip)
  • James Marsden (Prince Edward)
  • Idina Menzel (Nancy Tremaine)
  • Yvette Nicole Brown (Rosaleen)
  • Jayma Mays (Ruby)
  • Maya Rudolph (Malvina Monroe)
  • Kolton Stewart (Malvina’s son)
  • Gabriella Baldacchino (Morgan Philip)

Trailer of “Disenchanted”


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