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Red Bull team boss Christian Horner shoots against Mercedes. © Georg Hochmuth/APA/dpa

In the debate about hopping Formula 1 cars, the dispute between Red Bull and Mercedes has flared up again.

Baku – Red Bull team boss Christian Horner believes that Silver Arrow star Lewis Hamilton’s fierce complaints about the painful blows in the cockpit of the new car are exaggerated. According to the Briton, he would also instruct his drivers to “whine as much as possible on the radio and make a big deal out of it” if his car had a similar technical problem.

Mercedes driver George Russell, who is spokesman for the drivers’ union, denied a strategy of dramatization. “Nobody says something like that to get an advantage,” said the Hamilton colleague. After the most recent race in Baku, Hamilton complained of severe back pain and headaches because of the strong bouncing of his car. Shortly after the end of the race, TV pictures showed him struggling to get out of his car. “It looks bad and feels 100 times worse,” he shared.

Heavily modified vehicles

A number of other pilots also reported similar experiences. The technical problem is caused by the vehicles that have changed significantly this season. At high speed, the cars on the straights are pressed onto the ground until they briefly touch the asphalt and are then pushed up again. The drivers are repeatedly shaken violently.

According to media reports, under pressure from the drivers, the world association Fia wants to investigate the extent and possible health consequences of the hobbling. However, Red Bull team boss Horner rejects a change in the rules: “It would be unfair to punish those who have done a good job.” Last year there had been repeated disputes between Red Bull and Mercedes, who were then united delivered a tough title fight. dpa

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