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The coach took advantage of the interview after Tricolor’s victory to defend one of his players

Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF.  Fernando Diniz does not approve of the attitude of the fans in front of a contested athlete
Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF. Fernando Diniz does not approve of the attitude of the fans in front of a contested athlete

Fernando Diniz didn’t like the fans’ boos at the Wellington steering wheel at all. The player, who had a sequence as a starter, lost the position to Nonato. Asked about the change in the team, the coach took the opportunity to defend the athlete. According to Diniz, it is necessary to be more cautious in criticism.

The fans have every right to ask questions. People who fight in football, journalists and coaches, have to be careful and have a more technical look. Could it be that I don’t understand anything about football and I chose Wellington without him having made good matches? If you want to see the good stuff about Wellington, I’ll show you“, began the coach.

Imagine what it’s like to be a football player, being booed with the team winning 2-0. That’s how we kill players in Brazilian football and if it’s a young man, we do the same thing. The fan is playing his role of cheering, but we have to be careful because there’s a person back there and this guy has a lot of value. He played in great teams and has a lot of value. The guy can play with pressure like that” said Diniz.

The coach continued with his defense of Wellington, criticizing the boos directed even after the victory. “This massacre remains and when the guy plays, he can’t make a mistake, because if he makes a mistake, there’s thatuh‘ (boo). Look at his career built. Formed in São Paulo, the same generation as Neymar, Lucas and was a starter in the youth team. He played for Vasco, for Internacional, he was champion in Athletico in the Copa do Brasil, in the Copa Sudamericana and is here atthe Fluminense. Wellington is an example“, he declared.

Diniz did not fail to highlight Wellington’s strength, despite the moment. “The fan has every right, but we have to be careful to be part of certain criticisms with people, so as not to be part of this massacre. So we lose him or a talented young man, because it’s hard to bear it. Good thing Wellington supports it“. The midfielder was out of the field for more than a month, after experiencing the problem of double vision in his left eye again, before the match against Athletico-PR, on May 14.

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