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You will then see a test that of personality that went viral due to its unexpected results. It is a eye test which, depending on your answer, could reveal the hidden side of your way of being.

The personality test that we will address consists of looking at an illustration and pointing out the first thing that is identified. In this case, you will have to choose between a heart and a brain.

It should be noted that this type of exercise does not have any scientific validity. Also, you should know that it is only about entertainment content, which can be used to recognize certain types of characters.

Image of the personality test

Photo: MDZ Online

Personality test answers

  • Heart: If the first thing you saw was a heart, you might be a pragmatic person. You quickly resolve any conflict and your loved ones come to you for guidance. You have an open mind and never prejudge those around you. You prefer not to generate false illusions and let yourself be surprised by what happens to you. You enjoy freedom and time outdoors. You don’t hold grudges to those who once hurt you and you tend to forgive very easily. You always try to see the good side of everything.
  • Apple: If the first thing you saw was an apple, you could be a person who easily drowns in a glass of water. You are characterized by being insecure and making dramas for meaningless matters. You have great potential and your fears play tricks on you. You are waiting for everything to be perfect and in your obsession, you do not enjoy the process at all. You must learn that the best things happen when you least expect them. When making decisions, you turn to people close to you for help.

What is a personality test?

Personality tests are commonly used in the area of ​​clinical psychology. These tests are tools that allow the evaluation of psychological and behavioral traits of a specific individual with the aim of identifying the usual way of reacting to certain circumstances.

Would you like to participate in another personality test?

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