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Qatar 2022

The striker, who was world champion in the World Cup in Russia without having scored a single goal, broke a drought that had come since Brazil 2014.

Olivier Giroud shoots for France's goal
© GettyOlivier Giroud shoots for France’s goal

France and Australia star in a close match for Group D of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in which the current world champions they win momentarily 2-1. A duel in which, however, the oceanicians took the lead, sowing doubts about a new edition of the curse of the champions.

Nevertheless France took the hierarchy and took the lead thanks to notes Adrien Rabiot (27′) and Olivier Giroud (32′). The latter drew particular attention due to the fact that he broke the streak that had dragged on since Russia 2018.

In that tournament, despite the fact that he came out champion, he said goodbye to the tournament without scoring a single goal, generating the debate about the striker who does not score goals. Some highlighted his collective work while others criticized him with everything for his zero contribution in goals in the campaign towards the cup.

The truth is that Giroud, yes, has goals in World Cups. His only goal was scored in Brazil 2014, in the 5-2 win over Switzerland. In that game he paved the way to victory thanks to his score in the 17th minute of the first half. A tournament in which France was finally eliminated by Germany in the quarterfinals.

The former Arsenal striker has 14 appearances played in World Cups. In those games, he entered 11 as a starter. He adds an average of 0.15 goals in this type of commitment.

It will be necessary to see if he manages to continue converting and manage to give France a nine goalscorer. Although it is a team that does not lack goalsespecially due to the contribution of Kylian Mbappé, Giroud fulfills a function similar to the one that Karim Benzema would fulfill, who will not play in the tournament due to a tear.

It is precisely for this last reason that the eyes of the French press will be on the striker who currently plays for Milan in Serie A in Italy.Something that would multiply in the event of an early elimination of the tournament that takes place on Arab lands.

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