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A tremendous controversy arose in Calama, when judge Patricio Blanca validated, helped by his assistant, the 1-1 for Cobreloa against Santiago Wanderers, with a ball that hit David Escalante but never crossed the goal line.

The ball bounces but never enters the Santiago Wanderers goal.
© TNT screenshotThe ball bounces but never enters the Santiago Wanderers goal.

An unusual situation was experienced at the Zorros del Desierto stadium in Calama, in the match between Cobreloa Y Santiago Wanderersfor the Ascent tournament in the First B.

Everything, because the judge of the match, Patricio Blanca, validated a goal where the ball did not cross the goal line, unleashing the controversy with the claims on the field, as well as on social networks.

It was in the discounts of the first half, when the view won 1-0 with a goal from Thomas Amilivia, that David Escalante equalized.

A cross from below and with poison from Jorge Espejo caught Chiquito Escalante alone in the small area, the striker hits the ball but it bounces horizontally, then vertically and hits, where the ball clearly does not enter the goal.

In the replay of TNT Sports it is seen that it is the assistant referee Cristian Espíndola who signals the goal to judge Blanca, who ends up validating the score.

After this came the claims of the people of Santiago Wanderers, in the same stadium, also through social networks, where the official account of the people of Buenos Aires left with everything for the “ghost goal”.

Check the play:

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