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After a 2-0 away victory over Ural, Spartak scored 10 points and became the intermediate leader of the Russian Premier League standings. How experts assess the chances of the “red-whites” for the championship after a shock start – in the selection of “RBC Sport”

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Spartak head coach Guillermo Abascal (center)

(Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS)

Oleg Romantsev, former Spartak head coach and eight-time Russian champion

“The guys are great fellows, I congratulate everyone on this victory. We are very pleased with the results at the start of this season, I hope that they will continue in the same spirit,” Romantsev told RBC Sport.

Evgeny Melezhikov, General Director of Spartak

“Great victory won? Why great? Another victory. We will fight with Zenit – that’s for sure. I like the way the head coach manages the team.” noted Melezhikov in a conversation with the correspondent of the “Championship”.

Yuri Semin, former head coach of Lokomotiv and the Russian national team

“It’s too early to talk about Spartak’s championship, now every RPL team has a chance to win the championship, from Ural to Zenit,” RBC Sport reports Semin’s words.

Dmitry Ananko, ex-defender of Spartak

“I would call the start of Spartak successful. Either way, you should be happy. This is probably the championship schedule. But at the same time, it shouldn’t be overestimated. And on positive emotions, continue to prepare, beat opponents and earn points, ”- said Ananko “RB Sport”.

Valery Kechinov, ex-player of Spartak and the Russian national team

“It is clear that it is too early to rejoice, but a successful start adds confidence and positive emotions. It’s great that they got off to such a good start. But it’s too early to relax. I am glad that the team scores a lot. According to today’s game, they played well in defense, successfully. Ural had some dangerous, but not 100% chances. If it goes like this, Spartak will fight for the championship. Only the game shows the result. If it will be, like the game, then we will all believe in Abaskal, ” said Kechinov Metaratings.ru.

Roman Pavlyuchenko, former striker of Spartak and English Tottenham

“We must rejoice at the victories and not fall into euphoria, not to say that Spartak has gained a powerful momentum. Now everyone is fighting, scoring points. It’s too early to draw conclusions, while only the beginning of the championship. You can win three matches in a row, and then lose four, and opposite conversations will begin. Let’s see what happens after the first round, it will be clear who can claim what, ”- told Pavlyuchenko “Match TV”.

Alexander Mostovoy, former midfielder of the Russian national team and Spartak

“I think it’s too early for the fans to rejoice. After the first round, I said that after five games Spartak would definitely be in the top three – according to the calendar and the lineups of other teams. I think that they will be together with Zenit in the first place today. In terms of composition and everything at the end of the season, and at the beginning – Spartak should be in the top three, ” declared Bridge Metaratings.

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