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The actress was criticized again on the web last Monday (13), after making a ‘motivational’ post

Juliana Paes poses for a photo.
© Fernanda Calfat/Getty ImagesJuliana Paes poses for a photo.

Juliana Paes she was criticized again on social networks last Monday (13), after making a ‘motivational’ post on Twitter. At the time, the actress suggested that people celebrate the beginning of the week in the same way they celebrate the arrival of Friday.

What if we started to celebrate the Monday the same way we celebrate the sextou? Is this too much? I see each week as a fresh start, putting everything in place, reflecting and organizing myself, so I see Mondays as something positive. let’s go let’s go“, wrote the artist.

The post, however, did not go down very well with netizens. “Only people who do not live the routine of waking up every day at 4 am, facing and using crowded public transport, receiving only a minimum wage to work more than 40 hours a week compare “monday with “sextou”. Is it alienation or hypocrisy? two things?“, complained a tweeter. “don’t give one inside“, analyzed another.

‘Ain, what a chase with Juliana Paes’. Bro, she can have whatever opinion she wants, just like anyone can disagree with her opinion. The problem is that it does not support any argument, alienation does not allow it. That simple…“, fired another one.

fans defend

On the other hand, numerous people defended the former global. “Poor Juliana can’t even celebrate her Monday, when a sick person comes to give a moral lesson“, lamented a Twitter user. “Juliana being canceled for “celebrating” Monday. oh boring people“, observed another.

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