"Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" surpassed the Broly movie with these figures

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It hit Japanese theaters and is a box office success. As fans abroad await their chance to see the film, Japanese audiences are watching the return of the anime as often as possible to the point of surpassing Broly’s record.

The record of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero comes after last weekend’s box office totals in Japan were counted. Not only did the film come in first at the domestic box office there, but it sold more tickets on its opening day than the last film in the anime.

According to reports, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero it sold 210,000 tickets in its debut on Saturday. When the anime came out with its first film in 2018, 111,000 tickets were sold. The demand for tickets today is almost double the opening of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

As for the overall box office, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ranked first in Japan with US$4.98 million after opening on Saturday. 500,000 tickets were sold over the weekend across 407 screens that managed to beat Top Gun Maverick. However, the anime’s newest film did not usurp Broly’s opening with more than 7 million dollars. The 2018 film opened with more money, but had more screens and an extra day to fill its opening numbers.

Now, it won’t be long before fans get to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero by themselves outside of Japan. Crunchyroll will screen the film at the end of the season in the United States and Latin America.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It hit Japanese theaters on June 11, so it won’t be long before it arrives in Latin America. As happened before with the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, perhaps in this part of the world we already know everything about the film before it appears on the billboard.

Toei Animation continues to release material from the main plot, either through Japanese magazines or previews, so all that information will be summarized in this Dale Play podcast.

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