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New commander of Corinthians is revealed and president of the Club does not hide the reasons that led to the deal

Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Fernando Lázaro is the new coach of Corinthians
Lucas Figueiredo/CBF – Fernando Lázaro is the new coach of Corinthians

Fiel was taken by surprise this Sunday (20) with the revelation of the team’s coach. Corinthians presented Fernando Lázaro as the new coach of Alvinegro bucking expectations for a famous name🇧🇷 The professional was in Qatar with the Brazilian national team, where he would help Amarelinha as a technical observer, responsible for analyzing opponents in the World Cup. Despite the novelty, the professional has a history with Timão.

In the explanation given by the president of Corinthians, Duílio Monteiro Alves argues that Fernando Lázaro grew up within the Club🇧🇷 Not just at CBF, but Timão’s new coach has also been working at CT Joaquim Grava for 20 years. Duílio insists that in addition to the quality displayed over these decades, Lázaro knows the interior of Parque São Jorge.

“It’s simple to say the reason for the choice: Fernando is a guy who was born within Corinthians, lived practically his entire life there, but that alone does not entitle Fernando to take over as coach. Fernando has more than 20 years in the Professional Department of Corinthians Football, built his path and history. He worked with great coaches as an assistant and we understand that, in addition to all the identification he has, understanding the club and having lived the club all his life, he has a lot of capacity to take on that role today”admits Duílio to TV Corinthians.

Despite the names indicated by Fiel recently, Duílio said that Corinthians ‘didn’t find anyone more qualified’ for the charge. Technicians like Vojvoda, Maurício Barbieri and Tite were quoted to replace Vítor Pereira, who by family decision left the rudder🇧🇷 The club’s president also revealed that Fernando Lázaro has already planned the team’s pre-season.

“That’s why this was chosen. There are several factors that we looked for in the market and we couldn’t find someone more qualified at that moment, with these characteristics, than Fernando to be training Corinthians in 2023. Fernando was responsible for making and preparing the entire pre-season and planning for next year, which for us only proved his ability. When we had access to the planning, we were very confident that he really is ready to take over Corinthians. This also weighed heavily in the choice “completed the president of Corinthians.

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