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Richarlison also revealed the precautions he has taken to avoid injuries.

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images |  richarlison
Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images | richarlison

There is little left for the debut of the Brazilian National Team in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The team commanded by Tite arrives with favorite status, but will have great competitors for the title, among them the current champion of the competition, France. And this rivalry gained even hotter tones after one of the highlights of the French team was involved in a controversy.

In May, Kylian Mbappé stated that South American football was at a lower level than European football. “Argentina and Brazil don’t have that in that aspect. In South America, football is not as advanced as in Europe. That’s why when you look at the last Cups, it’s always the Europeans who win”, said the athlete to TNT Sports.

And it is clear that such a statement would have strong repercussions. In an interview with journalist Isabela Pagliari, the number 9 of the Brazilian national team, Richarlison countered the comment by the Parisian star, who, incidentally, is Neymar’s ‘partner’ at PSG. “South American football is very difficult to play, you’ll play there at altitude, there in Bolivia, as you can see, it’s difficult. I went there for the national team and we suffered a lot to adapt. I think everyone says what they want. Just as in South America there are teams, according to Mbappé, weak, in Europe there are too. I think it’s all the same, there’s nothing to talk about “, opined the Brazilian.

The Brazilian striker had a scare before being called up for the World Cup, when he suffered a slight injury to his calf, but which, to the player’s relief, had a quick recovery. Richarlison stated that he has been taking care to ensure he arrives 100% for the Hexa fight. “Whether in training or in games, whether we like it or not, we are soccer players and we work at a high level, and we don’t want to suffer an injury that could take away our dream of playing in a World Cup. So we, at least except in training, try not to take your foot off, but to be more careful, because it is our dream to play in a World Cup, so we have a certain fear”, he revealed.

The Brazilian team will debut in group G against Serbia on the 24th, at 4 pm at the Lusail Stadium. Brazil’s next games in the group stage will be on November 28, at 1 pm, against Switzerland, and on December 2, at 4 pm, against Cameroon. France, on the other hand, is in Group D and debuts on the 22nd, against Australia.

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