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“Easy to know”; João Martins remains undefeated at Palmeiras and exposes bold strategy to surprise São Paulo

Rafael Leitao

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Verdão bankrolled an epic turn in Morumbi

Photo: Cesar Greco
Photo: Cesar Greco

This Monday (20) Palmeiras made history at Morumbi. The team led by Abel Ferreira lost on the scoreboard. The arch-rival was exactly 90 minutes ahead in the marker. However, Palmeiras needed just five minutes to equalize and turn the game around, with two goals from their defenders: Gómez and Murilo.

Without Abel Ferreira on the edge of the lawn, due to the Covid-19 infection, Palestra was led by assistant coach João Martins, who remains undefeated in the games he needs to replace the boss. With Martins directing Verdão, there are 15 games, 10 wins, 5 draws, 37 goals scored and 12 goals conceded. The coach gave a press conference after and exposed his eyes to the epic game of Palmeiras.

Verdão did not have Marcos Rocha on the right side, the path chosen was bold and defender Gómez was highlighted for the sector. Martins comments on what it was like to opt for such a strategy: “We know São Paulo well, we know they are strong and aggressive at the front. It was a technical option. It was balanced. Plan B to risk had to start there. Mayke attacking is not like Gómez, it’s easy to know”, explained Abel’s assistant.

The Choque-Rei will happen again on Thursday (23), however, for the Copa do Brasil, João Martins commented on the differences that mark the clashes: “Different competitions, decided in two games. It will be a less risky game. In the first half, open chest and both teams playing to win. In the second, almost just us. We were behind and we had to go”, said the Portuguese.

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