Ecuador vs.  Qatar: bets, forecasts and predictions for the first match of the 2022 World Cup

The match between Ecuador vs. Qatar will mark the start of World Cup 2022. Both teams have met for this Sunday, November 20, at the Al Bayt de Jor stadium, arousing great expectations on the football planet. As expected, there are many fans who are waiting for this match to play a bet with the forecast that comes next.

Despite the pressure of performing in the opening match against the host of the tournament, Ecuador is slightly favored to win the match. The South American team led by the Argentine Alfaro has a consolidated collective performance and this has been demonstrated in the Qualifiers and recent friendlies.

In addition, the ‘Tricolor’ has a higher individual hierarchy than its rival, which may be a key factor in overcoming the nerves of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and within the framework of parity that could prevail during different moments of the match.

The Argentine coach has faith in his team’s chances to get past the group stage, in which, in addition to Qatar, they will have to face Senegal and the Netherlands, thus equaling their best performance, which took place in Germany. For that, they will have to start off on the right foot, something that seems complex against the local team, which has never lost its first game in a World Cup.

The strength of the Ecuadorian team, maintains the coach, lies in the block and he did not want to show how he intends to face the opening duel of the World Cup. Alfaro confessed to the Colombian television Caracol, for which he was a commentator for years, and made clear the high ambition he has in this World Cup.

”We went to the United States, I told my players what do they want to do? Do you want to participate in the World Cup or make the best World Cup in the history of Ecuador? If they want to participate, I don’t waste time, I’m leaving”, assured the selector.

“We are already classified, we are going to play the three games and we will return. If that’s what you want, don’t count on me. Now, if they want to have the best World Cup with their team, we have to be prepared to do different things”, he added.

In this way, the coach set the high goal of a team that he managed to instil the confidence to get fourth place in the South American zone and play a World Cup for the fourth time in its history. It started with a win against Qatar that will be key.

betting house Ecuador Tie Qatar
Betsson 3.15 3.10 3.15
I bet you 2.49 3.10 3.17
sportium 2.30 3.10 3.25

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