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Qatar 2022

Michel Deller, a former official of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, asked fans of the Tricolor to control their emotions so as not to continue getting into trouble. After the homophobic chants against Chile, Deller explained that “I know that there is immense discomfort with what happened with the Byron Castillo song, but we must encourage without attacking.”

The Ecuadorian fans did not behave well at the kick off of Qatar 2022.
© GettyThe Ecuadorian fans did not behave well at the kick off of Qatar 2022.

Ecuador had a historic debut in the Qatar World Cup 2022, as they beat the locals 2-0 at the Al Bayt Stadium with a brace from Enner Valencia and made history. However, they also caused controversy Thank you to your fans since they sang songs that led to the FIFA to take action against the tricolor.

A good handful of Ecuadorian fans launched homophobic chants against Chile and it also occurred to them to shout that they wanted to have a few beers to pass the suffocating Qatari heat, something that made the governing body of world soccer initiate a procedure against the Ecuadorian Federation of Soccer (FEF). For this reason, they had to go out and beg the badly behaved to improve their behavior so that they can, once and for all, stop being in trouble.

“There is discomfort for Byron Castillo, but you have to encourage him without attacking”

Michel Deller, a member of the former Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), who according to reports from the country in the middle of the world wants to continue working with President Francisco Egas and his team, spoke out to refer to the file that FIFA opened by the controversial chants.

Accompanying the Tricolor in Doha, the majority shareholder of Independiente del Valle -where the Chilean Matías Fernández plays- called on the fans of their country to lower their change and calm down, reminding them that they have already been punished by this type of unfortunate facts.

In conversation with the journalist Joselo Sánchez, Deller confessed that he found out from the press. “I read it just like you did in the news, but I don’t know. It catches my attention. Obviously FIFA tries to do things right and I think it is a message for all Ecuadorians”.

With an ironic medium tone, he adds that “we are a peaceful people, we are good people. Not so much lately, but we are good people. Let’s not do it again, please; We must seize this opportunity.”

“I know that there is immense discomfort with what happened with the Byron issue and people want to react, but since we are nobles and good people, we must be careful not to do something that could have any repercussions,” he added.

“We continue with the problem of the drones, which flew over a match. We continue with a tremendous fine for the irresponsible man who invaded the field against Argentina and who is going to cost Ecuadorian football an arm and a leg; hopefully they are listening because they made us a great damage. We have to control our emotions, and I include myself like everyone, and go out to encourage without attacking anyone, “he concluded.

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