Eder Sarabia completes his cycling marathon

Lto esplanade of Saint Mams wait for Eder Sarabia, Luis Ángel Mat and Antonio Ortiz. Family and friends of the three crowd there, including the former soccer player Manu Sarabia, father of the current coach of Andorra. The panther is more than proud of his son, who is a passionate cyclist.

Eder Sarabia completes his cycling marathon

A regular on the roads of Andorra alongside professional cyclists, former members of the peloton and top riders on the motorcycle grid, Eder decided to celebrate the rise of the Andorra to Smartbank League. And supported by Luis ngel Mat, a 38-year-old Euskaltel professional with a long career in the peloton, and Marbella biker Antonio Ortiz (44), they covered 602 kilometers and almost 8,000 elevation gains in three days spread over as many stages : Andorra-Castejn de Sos; Castellón de Sos-Castillo de Javier and Castillo de Javier-San Mams.

Ricardo Larreina / U.G.S.

“I am very grateful to all those who have participated with us in this adventure. We have enjoyed as much as we have suffered. We knew that it was going to be hot, but not so much with almost the entire route above 40 degrees”, Eder confessed nothing more rush the first bottle of water that was drunk upon arrival in San Mams. Marc Bernau, former Andorran soccer player who scored the goal that gave his team the first international victory, Purito Rodríguez, Espargar, Juanjo Lobato or Joseba Beloki and his son Markel, “you have to see how he is doing”, have joined in the different days to a route that has been dotted with anecdotes.

Eder Sarabia, with his father Manu. (Photo Iraia Calvo)

The first day gave Eder “a good peach” because, among other things, he wanted to keep up with Mat’s series, who has not stopped training during the long days; On the way to Javier, the platoon suffered a hailstorm after having begged the owner of a restaurant in Jaca not to close and leave them at least on the terrace with some bottles of water and some soft drinks, and as they passed through the Yesa swamp the group felt wax the heat that gives off the fire of the Sierra de Leyre.

Eder, together with his family in San Mams. Photo: Iraia Calvo.

This Friday, passing through Navarran roads, Sarabia, Mat and Ortiz they have crossed paths with a car Euskaltel-Euskadi was wearing surprise. inside her, Jorge Azanza, team manager and native of the area. He was going to look for them so they could cool off at his house and take a dip in the pool. Mat hasn’t missed the opportunity to show his director the series he had trained these days. “You had to see how he was doing in one of those ports that never end,” confessed Sarabia.

The Andorra coach hang up the bike for a few days “to go to rest in Menorca”. In a few weeks I will be back in the Principality to start preparations for the pre-season. And, between time and time, return to roll with his bike convinced of more challenges. “Something as big as what we’ve done as a team deserved a celebration like this.”

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